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CIBC BANCORP LTD (CIBC) was established under the laws of USA, to provide both personal and commercial financing services to its members. Whether the financing needs are seasonable, short term or long term, CIBC always do the best to meet its member’s business objectives with prompt and professional services.

CIBC BANCORP LTD(CIBC) offers a broad range of commercial financing services tailored to meet the diverse financial needs of various businesses.  Our list of customers includes a broad array of businesses from manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers to private professional firms and more.



Our investment  team consists of professionals with expertise across the range of industries. CIBC has unparalleled global vision, with a regional presence in many financial centers across the Continents. Leading global equity and fixed-income sales and trading desks further support our global investment banking efforts. CIBC  is managing  US$ 100 millions  funds and alternative assets.

Businesses today operate in an era of unprecedented change and volatility, an environment that presents significant pitfalls and opportunities. CIBC Corporate and Investment  capabilities are designed to best assist our Members  in meeting their strategic objectives.

CIBC provides bridge finance that lets entrepreneurs increase business profits and revenues.  Businessmen weary of the corporate banking run around, will find that alternative finance sources can unleash the full potential of their business.


In our experience, the most successful businessmen are those who use OPM (other people's money) when necessary, keeping their own company-cash liquid for the unexpected opportunity.

We provide financial services for growing businesses of all types, with a special emphasis on import/export, and the finance of international trade.
We treat every client relationship as a finance puzzle to be solved by putting the right pieces in the right places.


About Us

CIBC BANCORP is an English incorporated company with registered office in New York, which does not provide FSA regulated services in or from the USA.  The services are provided only to ITS Shareholders outside USA.


USA national and/or residents are not permitted to become shareholders of CIBC BANKCORP.  If you are in USA national or resident, or a company registered in USA, you are advised to leave this website.


We are not sharing any of your personal information or company financial data with any Organization/ Authority in USA, to provide the greatest protection for your privacy.